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Previous versions of this page (as any other page on this site) can be found in CVS
Oct 21, 2005 Source code of the core compiled with GNU Java compiler (GCJ) see release 0.3.3c
May 09, 2005 Interop test with modem behind Ellacoya. Sustainable 100KBytes/s up and 300KBytes/s down was reached There are some good news and some bad news, but this is a major milestone and important day for the project. The whole setup and test took under half an hour despite the fact that both particpating PCs were hidden behind firewalls and NATs. It is fun to see something working
Feb 22, 2005 First beta. Contains data transfer and primitive chat
Feb 16, 2005 Lecture of Bram Cohen in Stanford. It was definitely worth driving from Santa Clara to Palo Alto. He is rather smart guy and very patient when asked unrelated/stupid questions. He simply can not say f888 off i am tired and have to go NOW.
I succceeded to insert a couple questions of mine (i guess belonging to the same category of unrelated/stupid, etc.)
  • What was the reason behind small size of the data chunk (actually it's only 16Kbytes)
  • We assume that the network is zero packet loss network and downstream is infinite. Is there anything wrong about argument that simply streaming the data over IP is the most efficient way to deliver packets.
  • Did he consider UDP based data exchange
Uploader want to stop transaction at some point and smaller chunks give the uploader opportunity to switch between peers frequently. When I started to argue that in case of 4Mbytes blocks it will take only 30s to transfer a block over reasonable connection some guys chuckled. They forgot about 100Mbit connectors on their PC, that in Korea and Japan 10Mbit connections are not rare and that only five years ago 128Kbit ISDN connections was considered superb.

Generally the answert is yes, but such networks do not exist. Couple of guys standing around even chuckled - yes, I was making a joke of myself all the way . I decided to avoid discussion about how reliable the modern networks are and how more reliable they will get in the future when VoIP enters mainstream. After all i am embedded telecom/datacom guy and see networks under different angle.

He considers using UDP between client and tracker, but he thinks that using UDP is an amateurish mistake. I have to agree with him, but there are applications, where you simply do not have alternative. One of them is VoIP. When you use TCP it's like demonstrating your ID every time you cross street - in reality it is even worse, because every time you have a small chat with policeman. There is no way to mask the address.
IP is not significantly better but at least you can argue that your IP address in connecitonless protocol can be faked by anybody. The major problem in connection oriented protocols like TCP that before you start to send data underlying protocol runs non-trivial handshake over which you do not have any control. In the time (sometimes rather considerable time) of this handshake your TCP/IP stack exchanges with remote TCP/IP stack all kind of information and it means that your IP source is specified correctly - TCP establishes bidirectional connection. If you fake source IP in the IP packet remote side can not answer you and your TCP reports error to the application. In other words you expose your home address to the whole world without even a chance to protect yourslef against mail spam. But, of course, this amasing story is out of scope here.

The parametrizing of the problem of efficient data distribution is more complicated than I thought before, but I doubt that in the bitTorrent clients it was solved in the best way and Bram expressed some doubts too. Still it really worries me that i missed in the design some major issues even after half an year of work and constant improving.

Reliable network systems were metioned (this is what BitTorrent about) but the public was not prepared and did not catch the clue (?). Interesting issue here is the number of simultaneous TCP connections regular tracker can establish (think about retransmission window) and number of TCP connections per second. Theoretical limit is ~60K simultaneous connections - 16 bits of the port number, for every IP interface. In reality server with 2GB RAM can establish 30K connections if we assume 64K window size. With larger round trip delays we get worse situation on the server. This is just another problem of TCP - it is not that scalable.

Feb 12, 2005 Icons for some of Rodi Houses are in place - Beta Testing, Big House, others

Silver Buck Golden Dragon Beta Testing Big House
You can contact autohor of the icons Yuliya directly and order graphic and WEB design works.

Feb 1, 2005 Rodi Houses are established - nod to some of my favorite fantasy books
Jan 30, 2005 All source can be found at Rodi CVS
Jan 20, 2005 Rodi release - Alpha
This is not beta, because there is no data transfer yet, but only LOOK (search) on the remote peer. It will take until end of Jan to reach beta stage ( P.S. Feb 12 2005 ...sorry i failed to deliver on time as you see. the main reason is lack of design of data transfer)
Jan 18, 2005 Rodi has Project Manager
I can not name the person who accepted this position yet, but it is official from today we have project manager. Beta release is delayed once again. Beta will happen hopefully Jan 20th.
Dec 08, 2005 Rodi beta
I received some valuable feedbacks and decided to delay the beta release by about 2 weeks. Some design changes are apparently required. Specifically search engines and data link protocol
Jan 5, 2005 The project is looking for beta testers. It is getting rather urgent.
Please send contact details to larytet.6103180@bloglines.com
Dec 25, 2004 Rodi has icons Contact author of the logo kysa02@yahoo.com Contact author of the logo kysa02@yahoo.com Contact author of the logo kysa02@yahoo.com Contact author of the logo kysa02@yahoo.com Contact author of the logo kysa02@yahoo.com Contact author of the logo kysa02@yahoo.com
Dec 21, 2004 Run validator at http://validator.w3.org/ for the page http://larytet.sourceforge.net/btRat.shtml. It was interesting exercise, but eventually i got The document located at <http://larytet.sourceforge.net/btRat.shtml> was tentatively found to be Valid.
Dec 20, 2004 My goal of 200K of binary looks unreachable. Debug related CLI commands and statistics cost about 50K of classes from about 150K existing (current JAR is 95K). Java code is expensive in terms of binary size. I have to up the limitation to 0.5M. The website will be updated accordingy. C/C++ implementation still can make it. Better arhiver could do this too - i have 100+ small classes and this is worst case for JAR/ZIP
Dec 14, 2004 I am reading "Tarzan: A Peer-to-Peer Anonymizing Network Layer" paper. Many interesting ideas. thanks to www.i2p.net for the link
Some samples: Tarzan's goal - to learn about all network resources - differs from recent peer-to-peer lookup protocols [25], which spend great effort to achieve immediate information propagation and load balancing in a flat namespace, often at the cost of security ... node a simply contacts one neighbor at random and transfers its entire neighbor set ... We select nodes by choosing randomly among the populated domains at each level of the table in Figure 5. Tarzan uses a three-level hierarchy: first among all known /16 subnets, then among /24 subnets belonging to this 16-bit address space, then among the relevant IP addresses ...
Dec 11, 2004 Sustainable packet rate 35K packets/s and byte rate 320 Kbyte/s. Currently i send only LOOK requests. Overall performance is reasonable for Java applet. Available from release 18. Enjoy and do not use it to bring your ISP router down.
Dec 05, 2004 William Jordan (see http://www.williamjordan.ca/) joined the project.
Welcome, William !
You can also visit http://home.bcwebnet.com/webdesign/ and do not miss Josef Scott Design page and really great music at http://www.dennisburkemusic.com/db.html
Dec 04, 2004 I was sick a couple of days + i am moving to different appartments + i read "Effective Java: Programming Language Guide" of Joshua Bloch. The book can help me to avoid most popular mistakes. Nothing signifcant changed in the current state of the prject.
It is not clear what to do with memory pools. Any ideas ? I need pools of raw data blocks of different size and pools of objects. Pool is implemented as a stack containing free objects. This gives very quick allocation/free methods. It is so easy with C++ templates, but i can't find any simple approach to the problem in Java. The current implementation looks ugly. It is not clear also who needs this application when so many exist already. In the last 3 months i received only one email and no comments from anybody. I see that people download the sources from time to time, but that's it.
Nov 21, 2004 No frames version of the website is up. This is first step to XHTML. Loading of .shtml files is significantly slower. is it because of preprocessing HTTP server does ?
Unrelated issue - this web site can be considered "Prior art".
Prior art is a legal term referring to whether an invention existed prior to the filing of a patent. All ideas expressed on this web site are protected by GNU Public License. The author did not make any patent research and is not going to make any patent research.
Nov 05, 2004 Email from potential user: My ISP just installed Ellacoya hardware BT blocking on all their NODES, looking into workarounds, any suggestions please??? Apparently the email was sent from client of
OrgName: Shaw Communications Inc.
Address: Suite 800
Address: 630 - 3rd Ave. SW
City: Calgary
StateProv: AB
PostalCode: T2P-4L4
Country: CA see also http://www.dslreports.com/shownews/56419
ISPs are getting smarter. I am wondering what they are going to do with HTTP based filesharing network ? And if the HTTP packet is encrypted ?
Oct 17 2004 we have debug CLI. It is limited and does not contain any usefull commands, but the application is alive and running and it is under 60K of binary. Just another small step towards alpha and then hopefully beta.
Oct 9 2004 we have logo. great thanks to Yuliya Abramova
Oct 03 2004 PayPal button was added. It can be usefull to move money from one creadit card to another in cases when small amount of money spent. Donations are greatly appreciated. According to Jason Rohrer 0.4% users donate money.
Sep 18 2004 Arkady started blog According to NedStat 17 September, 2004 18:36 someone with IP address belong to Cisco Systems, Inc., United States visited this site.
Sep 18 2004 We use Firefox
Aug 23 2004 P-Cube was bought by Cisco. Data encryption in P2P applications is our answer to this.
Aug 23 2004 Actual coding started (download from http://sourceforge.net/projects/larytet/)
Aug 21 2004 Name changed to Rodi (pomegranate in Greek)
Aug 19 2004 btRat project was registered @ SourceForge as a separate project
Aug 16 2004 Project returned from Tigris to the original place - SourceForge (all issues related to upload files and CVS were resolved). Frames added to the emLib home page
Aug 14 2004 Back to the problem definition and functional requirements. there are too many ideas.
Aug 13 2004 Work with actual source code started. at this phase only framework is going to be created with some sample application/engine for test purposes.
Jul 20 2004 The project started @ Tigris.org as part of emLib project (in the future will be moved to separate project)

Donations (PayPal account)
Nov. 8, 2004 09:34:58 Payment Received PST Total Amount: $10.00 USD Fee Amount: -$0.69 USD Net Amount: $9.31 USD
Nov. 9, 2004 12:23:10 Payment Received PST Total Amount: $10.00 USD Fee Amount: -$0.69 USD Net Amount: $9.31 USD
Dec. 14, 2004 No additonal info is available (see below) $10.00 USD Fee Amount: -$1.52 USD Net Amount: $8.48 USD
Jun. 8, 2005 Payment Sent to methlabs.org (William Erwin) $26.50 USD Fee Amount $0.00 USD Net Amount: -$26.50 USD
Balance: $0.60 USD

Dec 13, 2004 SourceForge.net takes $1.00 fee from every transaction + it delays the transaction itself by 1 business day + PayPal $0.52 fee remains + i do not see exact time and date + i can not verify who sent the money and i can not send email to the donator + PayPal wants my Credit card to accept the payment. Whoever sent these $10 - i greatly appreciate your donation and please contact me at larytet@yahoo.com
Two first donation (the first one is actually $10 i donated myself) was done directly to PayPal without SF in the middle. Interesting that $1 constitutes 10% from the transaction ($10 this time). It is going to be $8.48 after PayPal cofirmation. The original idea of the button was not donations per se, but to arrange project spendings and centalize it somehow. I will move the button elsewhere from the front page.

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