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The GoMyPlace provides secure access from cell phones, PDAs and other mobile devices to home/office computers. Read more...

Rodi Introduction

Tiny (under 200K of binary code) P2P client/host implemented in pure Java. Network use similar with bitTorrent approach. The program will serve filesharing community as well as Open Source commnunity facilitating fast data/software deployment. Program supports search by file name and by file content as well. Read more... or add your comment


Lightweight template based shell (wrapper) of RTOS system calls. vxWorks, Win32 and Linux wrappers are provided. The wrapper is intended for writing portable high performance multithread applications. Virtual functions are avoided, most of the calls are inline. Contains locks, signals, semaphore, mailboxes, arrays (both statically and dynamically allocated), pools, stacks (both statically and dynamically created), timers. Read more...


The system supports tree containing unlimited number of folders and commands. CLI can check the arguments supplied by the user before application function handling the menu is called. CLI prints command help in case wrong arguments used, supports one default argument '?' for all commands. Read more...


FFS does not contain FAT. Every sector containig valid information includes sector header with filename, sequence number, checksumm and status fields. additionally last sector will be marked and will contain size of the file and number of sectors used. Contains two levels - physical sectors data-base and RAM based FAT. FFS does not make any assumptions about availabiltiy of I/O, dynamic memory allocation, multitask environment. Read more...


MediaForest Stream Recorder records multiple MMS (MS Media Server) streams simultaneously. Attempts to reconnect when the connection fails. Currently i provide precompiled binary only for Win32. In the current version only CLI (command shell) are supported. Use '?' followed by [Enter] to get help. Do not hesitate to contact me larytet AT yahoo DOT com or IMs Yahoo, ICQ (82857660), MSN (larytet AT hotmail DOT com)
Source and binary are available from https://sourceforge.net/projects/larytet/
This project is generously sponsored by MediaForest.

CX28985 driver

RTOS oriented driver for Octal DSL device (Conexant, CX28985). The code is OS independent and requires from the application to create tasks, signals, I/O and other stuff. The driver does not make any dynamic memory allocations. The driver does assume that there is multitasking environment. Read more...


Similar to CLI Line Editor does not make any dynamic allocations, supports multiple instances with different key maps (like DOS, ANSI cursors, VT-100, etc). Read more...


System of make files tested with GNU CC and Diab C. Read more...

IBM 440

I am starting new project with IBM evaluation board for PowerPC. I'll try to port CLI, LE, FFS and eventually AOS for this board. + full set of HW drivers (as usual OS independent). Estimated time is two months starting next week. The plan is

  • Compile and run "Hello, world" appliation in no kernel environment (requires serial port driver)
  • Port CLI and LE. This one should not be a problem - CLI does not make any assumptions about memory allocation and OS and actually does not require any.
  • Set of HW drivers for Ethernet, PCI, FLASH still in no kernel environment
  • Probably porting AOS for ePOS (IBM operating system).
The evaluation board is reated to some commercial product so keep in mind that i can/will have to remove any information related to this specific project. Also this is the right point to contact me with suggestions/questons/requests/comments/etc - send email to larytet.5870194@bloglines.com . Functional requirements spec related to the drivers will be published next couple of weeks. Read more...

Release 0.4 (source) GPL

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