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Post IP range http://larytet.sourceforge.net/posts/ipRanges.r

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Publish your IP range here. E-mail/name is optional, but can be helpfull in case you want to remove/find some specific range. Posting is anonymous (see source code of PHP script). Use WiFi hotspots to protect your privacy. You can post any IP range of any size, though don't be too wild and keep range size reasonable. For example,

IP Subnet
IP Port      31211
Pay attention that mask is not IP netmask. Zero bits in mask tell Rodi what IP addresses are to be checked. In the example above Rodi will toggle only 8 least significant bits to iterate through IP address space.
Usually these IP addresses belong to bouncers and not to the publisher. Publisher is hiding behind the bouncers and spoof IP source address.
Choose your house or contact us if you want to register new house. You can publish your public key (DSA)
Want to remove entry ? Tell us larytet AT yahoo DOT com or use Message board

192.168.x.x , 10.x.x.x, 172.16.x.x, 172.31.x.x are most likely LAN's IPs behind NAT, not external IPs (see links above on this page)

Release 0.4 (source) GPL

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