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Use cases

Swimming pool. You are in the swimming pool making your dayly mile. You want to watch your favorite anime. On the inner surfca eof your glasses there is attched a small screen and in the chair near the pool your TV receiver. TV receiver sends stream using ZigBee technology to your glasses.

Biking. You are crossing country on your bike. You follow the map displayed on the inner side of your glasses. In your pocket GSM enbaled device streaming data related to your current location, speed and direction to the receiver in your glasses.

Official building. You are entering larg offical building. You connect your GSM enabled device using some kind of wireless or wired interface to the server of the building and download the maps. You setup the required destination - floor, room, name of the person you have appointment with. On inner surface of your glasses you see the map of the building, your current location and directions.

Tourist. You rented GSM enabled device in the tourist agency. On the maps you have list of places to visit, restaurants, shopping malls.

Device description and technologys used

In all use cases described above I need only unidirectional link with relatively small bandwidth and short reach. It appears that ZigBee technology answers this problem good enough. Low power consumption is another argument why i choose ZigBee.
Device contains two distinct parts.
One is a small computer with one or more different wireless and wired interfaces, optional hard disk, optional GSM, optional TV receiver. Let's call it Central Unit or CU. CU contains also charger for the second part of the device - screen.
The second part of the device or Receiver (R) is a screen attached to the glasses or hat. Receiver contains it's own battery or can be connected to the CU.
Data can be streamed from CU to R using wireless or wired interface.

The project

The objectives of the project
  • define XML based standart for describing three dimensional maps and develop software processing these maps
  • build a prototype of simple CU based on freely available today parts
  • build receiver based on low definition screen (probably B&W LCD)