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Truly distributed MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online ...) network. eDonkey can be used for the transport protocol. Currently the project in thinking/drinking phase.

Main idea is spliting of the reality. eDonkey server run one or more stages or realities. There are doors to find on every stage. When personality goes through the door it can cause one of two - switch of the reality or split of the reality. Switch of the reality is moving from one server to another - personality can find herself 2 miles under water, etc. Split of the reality is when personality lives on the same server, but moves in the hierarchy of the stages. From the player point of view both cases look the same - as different degree of split of the reality.

Reality or stage running on the single server can be as simple as an empty room or really complicated multi level playground. Doors have differen look and feel from regula wood and brass to swimming pools or jumps from mountain. Some doors are traps and some not. Some realities are rosy and some plain white and black meeting points or transportation centers, where you can (for small fee ?) choose next reality or order tour.