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Ok, what is it all about and how can i use it ?
In one line this is a open source alternative to PCAnywhere/GoToMyPC and many others with important twist - full security, about zero bandwidth and completely free.
It allows you to access command shell on remote machine and browse file system. When using with goMyPlace Proxy server you can keep your machine behind firewall and NAT and still be able to access the system.
We plan to allow easy file transfer between any Internet enabled devices. We mean ANY, including cell phones, PDAs, devices with text only consoles, small footprint embedded devices, like your next generation microwave oven and just any box you can think about.

Demo (guest access, Linux)
Download demo

Before you use the codebase in commercial products please read the text of GPL and LGPL licenses which covers the project. In all places where license is not mentioned GPL license is assumed. You can find full text of GPL here http://www.fsf.org/licensing/licenses/gpl.html


The GoMyPlace provides secure access from cell phones and other mobile devices to home/office computers. Typical communication scenario includes 3 major participants:

  • Home PC (HPC).
  • Proxy Server (PS).
  • Portable Cellular Station (PCS).
The goal is to allow PCS owner to access virtually any service on its home PC (HPC) (like ssh, ftp, web, etc...) keeping communication secure from all strangers.

In the simplest case customer will be selecting among several possible services on PS site (get file, send E-Mail, etc.). i We can have cool business cases with vendors of various PC-managed devices (start/stop sprinklers, light on/off,... etc). Device will be reporting itself to PS and will show up on its site.

Yet there must be a possibility for PCS to communicate with his HPC being sure that Proxy Server (PS) also cannot interpret the packets (end-to-end secure tunnel).


  • HPC is behind firewall - absolutely no holes, and NAT - no global IP. It doesn't accept any incoming connections whatsoever (that makes PS existence inevitable).
  • All additional HPC software (daemons) must be open source and as simple as possible.
  • Multiple Home PCs per one user simultaneously must be supported.
  • No software changes on PCS allowed.
  • WEP and SMS based interfaces are supported for basic services like command shell

Screen shots
File browser (WinXP)
Command shell (WinXP)
File browser (Ubuntu, localhost)
Command shell

Do not hesitate to contact the author with any questions e-mail laryte at yahoo com, use subject goMyPlace