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CX28985 driver

RTOS oriented driver for Octal DSL device (Conexant, CX28985). The code is OS independent and requires from the application to create tasks, signals, I/O and other stuff. The driver does not make any dynamic memory allocations. The driver does assume that there is multitasking environment. The driver can serve embedded system developers who did not like driver provided by Conexant, who works with big endian (not Intel/ARM) microcontrollers or use non-vxWorks environment. External file can be found here The code was tested by this company http://www.megabridge.com/ The source code - about 3 thousands lines single C file (GPL), will be published upon request
Also Port FSM using the driver is available - about 5K lines in C. FSM contains performance monitors, support DSL Link Id and DSL Bundle (Interface) Id procedures, event hooks and service functions for external CLI, tens of system and port parameters. Code of FSM is NOT platform independent and assumes existance of proprietary HW devices and some SW libraries, though the last problem is probably limited to AOS (see above)
Appears that MPC8540 (e500 core) has an ability to make endian translation in MMU (see E attribute of WIMGE bits).
btw MPC8540 - i see there is no port of eCOS for MPC8540. i think it could be done in 2-3 months time. If anyone (company or person) started such project I would like to know more about it.

Release 0.4 (source) GPL

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